Nov 19, 2007

Wheelchaired Robot Girl Totally Un-Moemoe IRL.

Canadian robot enthusiast Le Trung's creation Aiko, the "world's first sexually harassed, disabled Fembot" (Engadget), once again vividly demonstrates the Grand-Canyon-like dimensions of the uncanny valley. Watch the video here. Some comments by various posters:

- "Her right hook punch looks promising." - "I, for one, welcome our wheelchair-bound, face-slapping female android overlords." - "Wow. She speaks perfect Engrish." - "OK, so I'm going to finish that underground bunker after all."

I have to admit that this makes me seriously reconsider my own robot-girlfriend project.

Hey, I'm joking.


And if - I'm saying if - I ever were to hypothetically build a robot girl in my basement I surely wouldn't ever sink as low as to cannibalize an Oriental Industries Candy Girl, as Le Trung apparently seems to have done. (A Nana, if you ask me; notice the slightly more protruding chin in Aiko resulting from added motorization, which is in fact difficult to do without...OK, forget what I just said.)

To make today's cup of weirdness full, I found there is also a Candy Girl available that looks bizarrely like often-spaced-out Osaka-San* from Azumanga Daioh , once again nicely illustrating MIT professor Max Tegmark's cosmological theory of radical Platonism, which states that every logically possible entity does in fact exist somewhere in the Universe, most likely in Japan.

( * = It's the 未来; I will not post a link. It's deplorable enough already that my blog is linking to Oriental Industry's main page. Look her up for yourself, if you think you're brave enough. )

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