Sep 3, 2009

That Is So Amazingly Amazing I Think I'd Like To Steal It.

Makoto Shinkai's 5cm per Second is one of my favorite movies. Shinkai's storytelling, visuals, and sound effects show incredible attention to detail, and have made him the new top dog amongst Japanese animators.

Enter the Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department, an their latest gift to mankind, "Soul's Window" (心灵之窗), a “moral anime,” featuring, "themes of selfless dedication to party and state...[]... and the heroic actions of the People’s Liberation Army ." (Hat tip to Sankaku Complex!)

The attentive critic may find some resemblance between Soul's.. and 5cm..:

See the many more screenshots like these at Sankaku Complex. This may be the biggest thing since the Great Lion Theft.

You can watch what seems to be a trailer for Soul's Window here or here.

Or you can watch Shinkai's one-minute short "A Gathering of Cats", which is approximately a Zillion times better, here.