Aug 2, 2006

Recursive Hickory Smoke

So, the sad truth is that natural hickory smoke flavor is nothing else than maltodextrin. Maybe someone should sue that company for putting their customer's mind into an infinite loop. Well, there's always the option of a reset. (If you live in Greece, that is.)

Jul 28, 2006

Journal Impact Factor And Length Of Title

All scientists dream of publishing in a journal that has a short title. The temptation of monosyllabicism is simply irresistible. Of course, fewer characters in a journal name also make it easier to write it down, and therefore articles in those journals get more references. Am I serious ? No. But this plot, created from a list of impact factors, shows that Acta Obsc., at nine characters, might not be such a bad choice for you after all.

May 11, 2006

A Very Small Sea Of LCL

I had never before realized how much cell culture medium looks like LCL. A subtle reference by Anno ? Or am I overinterpreting here ? Maybe it's because I spent too much time recently helping out here. Anyway, where did I put my orange glasses ?