Nov 23, 2007

The Trains To Orbit Leave From Platform 5

Not a road to the stars, but a railtrack to orbit. "The restaurant car is on the top of the train." How far ? Well, like riding the Transib проезда туда и обратно, twice in a row. But the view ! The view ! Sure, it's expensive to build, but that's a cherished tradition. In Austria, too. Equator ? No, no, Linz is +48° 17' 43", but that's no problem, believe me. The Van Allen belt ? I'm more afraid of railroad strikes. And once we're in GEO, you can take the connecting train to the southern hemisphere from platform 3, and go down again over Brazil. Transatlantic bridge !

(Artwork Ticket to the moon by Christoph Steinbrener & Rainer Dempf)

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