Sep 16, 2011

A Change to the Link List was Overdue

I'm no longer linking to the Singularity institute blog, as I do no longer wish to be associated with this organization in any way. Dresden Codak gets the boot for displaying Megatokyo Syndrome (glacial pacing, asking for donations for broken computers, etc.) and Pink Tentacle seems, sadly, to be defunct since April (I dearly hope this guy is OK).

Replacing them are Gene Expression, a blog on "human evolution, genetics, genomics and their interstices"; something like a 21st century Rassenlehre without any of the associated wickedness; Hark! A Vagrant, a webcomic, by the wonderful Kate Beaton, on topics like Sherlock Holmes, Canadians, Tesla, Chopin and Liszt, book covers, and much more; and Monsieur LaMoe (moderately NSFW), who lends a unique voice to the world's hikikomori, and whose status as a real person vs. a consortium of writers is still under debate. (I'm leaning somewhat towards "real person".)


Anonymous said...

Why anti-singinst? Just curious.

Manuel Moertelmaier said...


I believe that the Singularity is likely to occur in the coming years, and that this raises important ethical, scientific, and practical questions.

However, my impression of SIAI, which is based on publications, posts on, and personal discussion with members and affiliates, is that they, as a research institute, are not living up to common, let alone their own, intellectual and ethical standards.

Unknown said...

This is too bad
you ahave left the scene.