Jan 20, 2009

Every Time.

  • Every time a physicist plays God, we get one step closer to making catgirls reality.
  • Every time Schroedinger thought about catgirls, Gernsback frowned and sighed "God..." while leafing through a bad manuscript.
  • Every time someone calls the Singularity "The Rapture of the Nerds", some catgirls get physical with each other.
  • Every time you ask about Tipler in a lecture on General Relativity, you'll get frowned upon.
  • Every time a bookstore clerk files "The Call of Cthulhu" under "Science Fiction", a lonely physicist googles for catgirl pictures.
  • Every time a lonely science fiction fanboy feeds his cat, he fantasizes about studying physics and finding a proof for God's non-existence that'll show those stupid theologians.
  • Every time a physicist complains about poor characterization in an SF novel, a catgirl quotes Nietzsche.
  • Every time God checks on his Catgirl Planet, he reminds himself to have a look again at that Monkeyboy Planet soon.
  • Every time you mention catgirls into a discussion on applied theology, a physicist writes some Permutation City self-insertion fanfic.
  • Every time a catgirl tries to understand Permutation City, God finds himself in the dust.
  • Every time a catgirl tries to understand physics, nyaaa!

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